Monday, July 25, 2011

Office/Craft Room Inspiration

I was complaining today about how much I hate my office space and decided to start getting some fresh ideas for my future home. Since I'm renting right now there is only so much I can do to help the look and feel of the space,  but I may make a few changes after some of these inspiration spaces!

I love this because of the natural light pouring into the space. I want to feel like i'm outside even if I have to be locked into the office for a couple hours. The design and decor is very "Pottery Barn" and for me is a little too mainstream but very organized which is a MUST for me!

Organized craft space in a cottage style decor. I think I like the crisp bright whites and blues so your creativeness is focused on your task at hand and not the mustard or pink colored walls.

This is similar to how I have my sewing and craft space right now except mine is jam packed full of every kind of craft and art item you can imagine. Need more room!

LOVE THIS!! Love the Natural light, SKY LIGHTS!, the white walls and the organization. The style is a little to contemporary/traditional for me but it definitely works in the space!

Artistic vibes and ecectic decor

Found IT!!! This is perfect! Hardwood floors, dressers for storage, shelving annnnndd, NATURAL LIGHT.

If you hadn't noticed my Office/ Craft room at the moment is severly lacking natural light. It's depressing. I never want to be in there because it feels like a dungeon.

Santa, all I want for christmas is a craft room with NATURAL Light.....thanks
Yours truely,

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