Serving clients in the Outer Banks, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg & Richmond Area

RE-Design & RE-Decorate Service
Each design and decorate service has 3 stage process. Consultation, Proposal, and RE-create day.

One room RE-design
Do you have a room that needs a facelift? Maybe the room's function changed but nothing else did. Whatever the reason, we will provide a cost efficient RE-design by using your own furnishings and decor. We offer the option to refurbish and refinish your furnishings and accessories or get "new to you" home wares on a previously discussed budget.

Entire home RE-design
Whether your home needs updating or your ready for something new, we are happy to assist you with our RE-designing expertise. We strive to offer affordable service and can work within your budget.

Color & design consultation
For the “DIY” client that wants professional opinions and drawn out suggestions.

New home move-in design
This service is for those who are overwhelmed by all the empty space, blank walls, and still packed boxes.

Furniture & accessory shopping service
Furniture shopping can be exhausting and expensive when your not sure what you want, if it will match your decor, where to find it and what prices to expect. Allow a seasoned home furnishings shopper to guide and help you with your purchases. Or, let us do it for you!

Holiday & event decorating
Make holidays and events less stressful by hiring a decorator! From Christmas décor to baby showers and everything in between. We can use what you already have, make rental arrangements, or shop for the appropriate décor you desire.  

RE- Organize Service 
Our organize service is 3 stage process. Consultation, Proposal, and RE-create day

Organizing service includes, decluttering, cleaning, storage solutions, labeling, shelf and hardware installation, and yard sale or donation options. We guide you through the beginning stages of freeing up your space and then organize your items to simplify your life.

Rooms & closets

Full home organizing

Home office & craft/art rooms

Garage & storage spaces

Organizational shopping services

Refurbish and Refinish Service
Sometimes all you need is a few "wow" pieces to complete a room. We custom refurbish and refinish anything you own. You can also browse through our inventory of furnishings and accessories to get a custom finish on a new unique piece.

The RE-create your space process
There are 3 stages to RE-creating your new space:
Stage 1: Consultation
Stage 2: Proposal
Stage 3: RE-create day

We will meet in clients home to discuss the look, feel, mood, style, color scheme and most importantly functionality that the client would like to achieve in the space.
The client and I will walk around the rest of the home to look for furnishings and accessories or organizing aids that are available for use during the RE-create day.
I will give the client an Information Form and Questionnaire to fill out while I take down notes, get measurements of space, make quick sketches, take pictures, and make any extra additions to the clients Pre-work Checklist.
We will go over the Questionnaire & Pre-work Checklist and discuss what the client feels they can feasibly accomplish before the RE-create date.
Client will be given Pre-work Checklist, Rates & Fee’s print out, RE-create process print out, and a raw & repurposed business card.
We will discuss any questions the client has, go over an estimated bill total for services, and schedule dates for proposal and the RE-create day. Client is to be made aware when scheduling RE-Create date & time that a full day of work is allotted.
$50.00 deposit is required at the end of consultation

We will meet in or outside of clients home to go over & discuss what I have designed and put together. Go over client’s likes and dislikes. Discuss completion of Pre-work checklist, shopping budgets, yard sale, removal and disposal options. Go over with client what to expect on the RE-create day.  Client will sign an estimated invoice as a legal promise to pay the total amount due once services have been completed. Discuss or schedule the RE-create date and time.

RE-Create DAY
raw & repurposed will arrive at scheduled time to client’s home and begin unloading necessary tools, materials, furnishings, accessories, ect. I will evaluate what has been done from the pre-work check list and then begin RE-creating your space!

I will have a list of any holes we created in other rooms as a result of the RE-Creating process.

 I will take pictures once job is completed and then bring the client in to gawk and go over their RE-created Space! While client is enjoying their new space I will write up a final invoice and receive total payment due.


Consultation + Preliminary design work up+ Proposal:  Flat rate $120
Consultations and Proposals usually last 1 hour and preliminary work usually takes 2-3 hours.

Shopping services + Refurbishing: Hourly rate of $15.00
This is option is geared toward finding cost effective pieces to complement your RE-designed or RE-organized plan. A spending budget can be established during proposal. There is also the option of purchasing items from my inventory (furniture, accessories, organizers, window treatments, etc.).

RE-designing + RE-decorating: Hourly rate of $50.00
Total time spent on the job can vary due to:
-size of space
-extent of redesign
-pre-work completed by client which is assigned during proposal

RE-organize + clean: Hourly rate of $30.00
Total time spent on the job can vary due to:
-Size of space
-extent of organizing
-extent of cleaning

Removal + Disposal Fee: $10 per load
Items that have been marked by client as Donations or Trash can be taken to the local donation center or dumpster.

Yard Sale Prep+Set-up+Tear down: $80
This option offers a way for a client to make money from their unwanted items and put it towards their bill. Only suggested when there is a significant amount of discarded & unwanted items.

RE-furbish & RE-finish service:  Hourly rate of $15.00 (varies depending on size of piece and amount of detail)


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