Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ecodisiac: handmade earth friendly items that make you feel good

TA-DA!! Here are some of my own Handmade Earth Friendly goodies I sell in my Etsy Shop! The pillows are completely earth friendly inside and out! Made from furniture sample scraps and sheets found still in their packaging at the thrift store. The filling is shredded scrap fabrics, dryer sheets, and random cut threads from my sewing prjects. The pillow feels like down and is easy to form and fluff. They release no chemical offings like poly-fil would. The Jars are great for Mom's trying to organize kids things. I also make them with silver lids. I use them all over my house! My sister is happily modeling the "Tea Time Apron" made from all upcycled materials. Dosn't it make you want to just have a Tea Party! The pillows have not been listed yet in my shop. My shop in under construction right now but I am having a Big Re-Opening in a week to show off my new shop look and new products! So excited!


  1. Yay Jessie! Your new pillows look awesome! You are doing great work!

  2. Wonderful blog! I like your style and interests! I will be contacting you for an interview!

    You are welcome at my place: http://blog.kanelstrand.com/



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