Thursday, February 17, 2011

Green Cleaning

It was gorgeous here today on the beach and it put me in the mood for a little spring cleaning. I opened up all the windows and doors and let the sun and fresh air in. Man it felt good! You know that stale air/foot/dog smell your house gets in the winter because you never have the doors or windows open? Well maybe it's only my house that smells like that......anyways, that smell has now been replaced by earth friednly cleaning solutions (mint, lemon, & rosemary) and fresh beach air. I had been dying to try out this new reusable swiffer pad I purchased on Etsy. I had always used old rags in my swiffer up til now and when I came across the reusable swiffer pad I had to have it! I had actually thought about trying to design a reusable swiffer pad out of old towels but this is way more functional! So here is my new Green Cleaning Toy!
Cleaning the floor

It catches dog hair, lint, & dirt!!

Toss it in the wash when your done!

Spotless floor

Testing out the clean floor
"Yep my butt thinks its clean"
Ok so I might be a tad bit overexcited about my new swiffer cover but it's more about the ease of cleaning and not using endless amounts of swiffer wet towels. Even though I always used rags anyways, but this looks way better and... and...and...ok I'll stop raving about my swiffer cover and Feature some people who sell them!
Eco Friendly Handmade Cotton Swiffer Cover in Light Pink by MontanaDaisyGirl on Etsy
Swiffer Cover $7 made by MontanaDaisyGirl
This is where I purchased mine. She has lots more colors and accepts custom orders.
Eco Friendly Natural ReUsable Swiffer Duster Dust Cloth
Reusable Swiffer Duster $8 made by honeybeebungalow
Swiffer Fleece Washable Hand Duster Refill, Set of 2, You Pick the Color
Reusable Swiffer Fleece Dusters, $8 made by MitsuyoDay
How cool are these!? This is my next purchase!

SWIFFER - 2 pack dusting sheets - 42 Patterns - Compare to Swiffer disposable sheets
Swiffer Duster Sheets, $3.75 for 2 made by DetroitKnitter
There are so many variations for the style of cover. You can find them for large or small swiffers; Wet-Jet or Dusters. And the prices are all so affordable and considering one of those containers of wet towels probably cost around $6-8 and you would have to keep buying them once you run out, it just makes sense to use reusable things! I going to be giving these as gifts and raving about them to friends. Have my own little reusable swiffer party.......ok...maybe I took that a little to far. Hehe.

Well get on Green Cleaning my friends.

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