Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Tom Szacky made Millions from TRASH

I was in the gardening section at walmart over the summer and walked by a product that caught my eye. Pre-planted seedlings of a variety of plants packaged in used stoneyfield yogurt containers and sworn to grow better than any seedling you could ever try and grow on your own. Impressive. Not the promise, every company swears to do something better than the next so it's made me and possibly society kinda numb to the empty marketing strategy. The seedling cups were what grabbed my attention. A company had finally started using trash to their benefit. Taking old yogurt containers, putting holes in the bottom and packaging them in a 6 pack with soil and seeds included! Genius! I mean i've been using old plastic containers for planting for years but someone finally got the idea to market and sell it. I made a mental note of the company name after reading over their motto and goals stated on the front. After that "Terracyle" got my attention everywhere I went. I started seeing it in grocery stores and of course garden centers and home improvement stores. It wasn't always the same yogurt cups either, I started seeing plant food fertilizer in soda liter bottles and recycled pots and hand bags made from juices boxes.  I was happy to see they were thriving and making good use of regular old trash. When summer faded to fall and winter I stopped going in the garden sections so I lost track of "Terracyle". To be honest I should have looked up the company on google and found out how they got their start and where they get the trash and so on. But I didn't, ADD causes me to think about doing something and then 10 minutes later think about doing something else, it's annoying. So i'm on the couch the other night, completely vegging out and fiance is flipping through channels when he skips past some show called "How I made my Millions". I was like "oh!" "lets watch this and see what simple things we should have thought of and made millions from". My sarcasm streams from jealousy because....I didn't think of the simple million dollar idea. "Lucky Bastards". The host states that the next millionaire made his money from trash. Tom Szacky owner of "Terracycle" explains how he got his start and what his company is all about! I was completely impressed this guy. The soil that claims to grow your plants better is not an empty promise after all. It's how he got his start. WORM POOP! That was his million dollar moment! He and some  college friends were visiting friends in Montreal and saw how they used worms in their composting to brake down the waste faster. They then used the compost juice for fertilizer for indoor plants. (he dosn't say what kind of indoor plants these were....hmmmm?) He determined it wasn't the worms presence that made the soil better but their waste. He and a friend bought worms and begin harvesting worm poop and selling the fertilizer in empty liter bottles. He grew from worm poop when he started thinking their waste can be used so ours should be able to also. What a great idea and derserving of millions. I'll continue to support Terracycle and after visiting the website I will start benefiting from my trash too! You can send in specific waste items they are using to make new products and they donate 2-3 cents for each shipment to a charity of your choice. Better than taking it to the dump and getting nothing! I thought I'd share their story and everything they do and stand for so maybe other people will start supporting them too! Good job Terracycle! - Check out their website! They have so many cool products that are worthy of support!

Terracycle had their own reality show called "Garbage Moguls" on the National Geographic Channel.

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