Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eat Wild

This website is awsome! It offers a directory of Organic farmers across america with everything from crops to animals. It is such a great opportunity to eat absolutely fresh and support your local farmers! The website has pages that list benefits of eating homegrown food, a store where you can get books and kitchen items, and safety concerns for those who are not used to eating from a farm. You can reserve Turkeys for thanksgiving, or pay a share on an animal and get a box of the organic meat around the holidays to last all winter. You can purchase a chicken and have the eggs delivered to your door every week or a Dairy Cow and have Milk and Cheese every week!! This is the best way to eat. It's healthy, safe, and tastes AMAZING!! It can get pricey and is more expensive than your local super market but well worth the price since you know the food has never been processed, chemically injected and never had preservitives added. Im considering buying a chicken to get eggs because to me chicken is the most hormone pumped, unsanitary, and mistreated food in the opinion. I'm sure cows and pigs go through similar torments too but they usually end up living through the transportation from the factory farm to the butchery. It's sad and disgusting what the animals go through before they end up in the grocery store. A farm raised animal has free range to eat whatever it pleases and walk where ever it wants. Some are transported to a butchery but it's not with a thousand others in cramped conditions that usually casues death. Some farmers run there own butchery that is extremely sanitary and is check by the state. I could go on and on about this but Check out the Website and EAT WILD!


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