Thursday, December 2, 2010

Working toward a solution.....

It's scary to think what the world could become if there weren’t people like me. Ok that sounds a little concieted haha. What I meant by "people like me" is environmentalist. If there were no "environmentalist" we would have sky scrapers and huge industry buildings in our forests and fields. Mass production plants and warehouses would be invading our homes and lives, using up all our resources, and killing our few necessities to live. Necessities like; clean air, fresh water, and non-chemical induced produce & livestock. These would be scarce if there were no environmentalist. But, I didn't create this blog to talk about what could happen if the world were taken over by the industry man. I think we can all "suppose" our way through that. And Im not saying I have not benefited from Industries and large corporations. I've started this blog to talk about the ways I can help myself be a better environmentalist, farmer, recycler, ect. and hopefully in the process maybe help a few readers too! To explain how I got to this point might help me express my passion and energy for the purpose.

I grew up in the country, on a farm, and was homeschooled for 5 years (3rd-7th grade). Maybe part of that makes me how I am but not all. My mother was a big influence. She was always recycling, gardening, and creating new ideas for around the house. If we sat in front of the TV for an hour she turned it off, unplugged it, removed and hid it and then made us find something to do outside. We had chickens, dogs, cows, goats, deer and a horse. Goats were the biggest learning experience for me and my mom. After getting the female goat accidently preggo we learned ALOT! We were forced to milk "Daisy" after her kids(baby goats) stopped feeding. From this we discovered many cures to life’s problems. Goats milk is better than cow’s milk (not a life problem but just wanted to note it). Not that it tastes better but better for you! I'm sure your thinking "yeah yeah" every new milk claims something, but we know for a fact it cured my mom's allergic reaction to poison oak and ivy. Goats eat the poisonous plant and it gets filtered through their digestive system and then very small amounts are processed through the milk. It’s similar to the homeopathic style: "Like cures Like" of curing ailments. Basically in extremely small doses that have been filtered out you could cure yourself with whatever is causing the problem. I mean it's a little more to it than that but you get the idea. Anyways my life growing up was a constant discovery of new ideas and solving problems with whatever we had. Although this may have affected who I am partially I can't claim it fully because I have 4 other brothers and sisters whom are nothing like me. They are the complete opposite at times, but all were raised in similar situations out at the farm. When I got to college I was in for a major awakening! I couldn't believe all the waste and carelessness. But then I had never known people who just didn't care at all. It was so blatant and in your face, trash was always on the streets and the garbage bins were overflowing with bags and bags of trash. Kids throw out any and everything! I mean just out of laziness! I witnessed a friend throw out a dirty pan because they didn't feel like cleaning it!! I couldn't believe it! I came out of college enraged and disgusted. Most (but not all) of the kids who participate in just throwing away things because they don't care seem to do this because it is usually cheap enough to just get it again brand new. Those type of people go on to make more money and the process of throwing big items gets worse. From this I learned that I am a minority in this culture. What I believe makes me different from the rest is the ability to do several things; solve problems on my own with research and discovery, think open mindedly about new ideas, and think about how my actions are affecting others and our world. I use these three things every day. When it became obvious that not everyone was taught the way I was, the passion to express how and why I live my life came out.

So this is how I got to….HERE… My next’s blogs won’t be as long or boring(sorry). My whole idea behind this is to help myself discover new ways and things that are environmentally friendly and promote healthy living. The question I ask myself every day that helps me find an earth friendly solution to a problem I’m having is “What did people in the past do”. Not like 20 years ago, but 100’s of years ago. How did the Indians live and survive, how did the pilgrims, how did the Egyptians do things. They used what the earth gave them in some way to make what they needed. I’m not perfect, nor do I have the money to have a completely homemade/organic/sustainable lifestyle. But I’m trying to do as much as I possibly can with what I do have and teach myself to do more with the curiosity and passion for learning. I hope all you readers learn from what I post and please comment if you know of something relative that I would like!

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